How it Works

Once you’ve chosen your Dedware or have a special Peeples request, you’ll need to call me. All Dedware is made to order, You will be asked a series of questions that will help me during the creative process (i.e., favorite colors, personalized text, variations in the design, etc. ). Since I don’t want to be a “starving artist”, I will collect your credit card information once a mutual agreement as been reached. Now that you understand my process, let’s get you seeing Ded Peeples.

Design your Dedware

There are many fan approved Peeples designs created on wine bottles for you to browse. Once you have chosen your Peeples design, choose one of these Dedware products you want me to create it on:

Bottled Wine Peeples:: Wine bottles (empty) to be filled with your favorite cooking oils or pour in that cheap wine you just bought for your guests and serve it in Ded style. Available in 750 ml or the 1500 ltr. These Peeples come with a decorative cork matching your design, made by me, and a liquor pourer.

Bottled Shaker Peeples: : Perfect for your favorite spices. Choose from either the perforated lid or a decorative handmade cork. Also great as a salt & pepper shaker set; one black and one white bottle.

Bottled Salad Peeples: Oil and vinegar dispensers to make that salad you just prepared, much more appetizing. These too come with a decorative handmade cork and it's original glass bottle stopper.

Cadaver Cups: Available as a travel tumbler, sports bottle, or glass café mug.

Peeples’ Butt Cups: A smoker’s pleasure. Portable buckets for cigarettes (available with or without the arm handle), cigars, or pipes.

Peeples’ Butt Bitches: Cigarette cases for regular and 100’s.

Whiners: A complete line of stemware for your bar. (Shooters sold separately)

Fore-Hedz: Forehead umbrellas (or visors for you humor impaired folk) to protect your face from harmful UV rays or to mask your ELFS (Excessively Large Forehead Syndrome).

The Urn-ey: Made to order pet urns. Click here for more information.