Just Bag It !!

My Dedware makes a fun and unique gift, not everybody will understand what or how to use it. Well, don’t you worry about that clueless friend. I offer decorative gift bags that will solve that mystery in a very useful way. For example, Wine Peeples can be paired with a nice bottle of Olive Oil or bottle of Chianti; a bag of coffee grounds or a liquid mocha drink can be paired with a Cadaver Cup tumbler; a bottle of Perrier with the Cadaver Cup sports bottle; an exotic seasoning with an individual Shaker Peeples; a miniature bottle of Tequila with a 2oz shooter; a bottle of bubbly with a pair of Whiners champagne flutes. The list just goes on and on.

Gift bags are available on most Dedware offered and are personalized with birthday wishes and accents, holiday greetings and festive designs, or just the clueless, I mean, recipient’s name. And since you’re in the giving spirit, let me personalize a note card to hang from the gift bag. Check out all the whimsical Papered Peeples note cards in Bone-Us Buys.

Gift bags are available in 5 sizes. Size will be determined at time of purchase.