Dedware Choices

Wine Peeples: Available in 750 ltr or 1500 ml wine bottles. Great to fill with your favorite cooking oils or pour that cheap ass wine you just bought for guests in it and serve it up Ded style. The Wine Peeples come with a decorative cork matching the design you chose and a plastic liquor pourer.

Shaker Peeples: Perfect for your favorite spices. These 9oz jars are also great as a salt and pepper shaker set when I paint one white and the other black. Choose from either the perforated lids or a decorative cork instead.

Salad Peeples: Oil and vinegar dispensers to make that salad you just prepared, more appetizing. These cruets come with a decorative cork and it’s original glass bottle stopper.

Cadaver Cups: Available as a stainless steel travel tumbler, sports bottle for hot/cold beverages, or a glass café mug.

Butt-A Cups: Truly a smoker’s pleasure. Portable buckets for cigarettes that come with a snuffer so that you can save that partially smoked butt for later. Simply discard the remains in the hole. Also available as a cigar/pipe Butt-A Cup with an extended arm to rest that stogie or pipe upon and a larger hole to accommodate the remains of that big ol’ cigar butt.

Butts’ Bitches: Cigarette cases to accommodate regular cigarette packs or 100’s.

Whiners: A complete line of stemware for your bar. (Shot glasses sold separately in Bone-Us Buys )

Fore-Hedz: Forehead umbrellas (or visors for you humor impaired folk) to protect your face from harmful UV rays or to mask your E.L.F.S. (Excessively Large Forehead Syndrome).

The Urn-ey: Made to order pet urns depicting the skeletal version of your loved one. Not ready for the afterlife quite yet? Make it a treat jar for your pet. Give Fido enough treats and you’ll be using it as his final resting place in no time. No pets – no problem. Choose a Peeples design to create a whimsical countertop flour or sugar jar; the uses are endless. Available in 26 oz., 40 oz.,64 oz.,or 128 oz. jars.