Bone-Us Buys

Bone-Us Buys: Just can’t get enough Dedware and want more? Not finding anything in Design Your Dedware options? Lookin’ for something a little different? More money to send my way? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then check out this additional Dedware to further your Ded Peeples experience.

2 oz. Shooters: Add a few of these shooters to your Whiners stemware to complete your Dedware bar décor. Browse the unique designs created on 2oz shot glasses or have me create a design that’s custom just for you.

Peeping Toms’: Choose from a blinged out pair of sunglasses or reading glasses for the visually impaired. Available in lens strength 100+ to 375+. The cheaters will come with a matching carrying case that has a clip on the back to help you find them easier in your purse or pocket. Both come with a cleaning cloth and a neon colored chord so you can hang your Peeping Toms’ around your neck.r.

Papered Peeples: These humorous, off color, and yes, some politically not correct note cards, measure 5.5" x 4". These note cards depict the original Ded Peeples characters that were created on canvas. Many still hang in my studio to this day. It’s what started me seeing Ded Peeples in the first place. Ask how I can personalize these cards for you. Envelopes included.

Bone Houses: Whimsical bird houses that will surely bring joy for all to see. Available in 3 whimsical desigsn: The Bird-Ello, Farmer’s Market, and Bridezilla. Each design will be uniquely created at the time you place your order. I will do my best to mimic what you see, but cannot guarantee exact duplication. Due to the fragile nature of these bird houses, shipping is not recommended.